When Does Change Happen

Cathy Presland
3 min readAug 1, 2021

And why is it so hard to spot the join?

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Better Conversations

I completed with a client this week and, inevitably I guess, we looked back a bit at what’s happened over the time we’ve been together. That said, I don’t particularly encourage that because memory is faulty, so who knows what really happened.

She remarked,

You know, one thing that strikes me is how much better my conversations are. With my team, of course, but also with colleagues, and even outside work, with friends and family.

Everything goes so much more smoothly, it’s relaxed, we agree on more and things just go better.

But I don’t remember when exactly that changed.

I laughed. Of course.

We think we’re creating change but the reality is that it mostly happens when we’re not looking at it.

I do remember the cross-over point, although again, hindsight is a great magnifier.

In the early days she used to talk a lot about the difficult team members, the conflicts, the egos, the many directions they pulled in.

And, at a certain point, she stopped talking about it. It stopped recurring as the topic she wanted to bring for coaching.



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