Finding Purpose: is being intentional about what we do counter-productive to achieving it?

Is what we’re looking for going to be brought closer the harder we try?

In Charge, but not too Controlling…

Intentionality = good

Inflexibility = bad

And yet..

…I’ve been considering the difference between these two words and whether, even though I feel as if I go through life with some intentionality (at least some of the time!), I’m not really as ‘in charge’ as I think I am.

And, I’m also questioning whether it’s simply my ego fooling me that I have any control whatsoever.

Because, when it comes down to it, life seems to be a series of randomly, guided events.

Here’s what this looks like to me right now…

Gotta Have a Purpose, Right?

If we have a purpose, a direction, a vision, we’ll know where we’re going and we’ll be able to get there. And that’s good, right? (and, surely, what’s at the heart of the search for clarity that shows up for some of us.)

Yet, it also looks as if inflexibility is bad. Inflexibility equates to rigidity; a refusal to consider, or even see, other perspectives and opportunities, a lack of willingness to enter into discussion.

So how can we retain intentionality and not allow it to get in the way of us feeling fulfilled and satisfied in our lives?

How it Works…

It’s a throw of the dice; it’s a step forward; it’s like saying

Yeah, I’m gonna join the game, not sit on the sidelines.

The rest is up to whatever it is that’s guiding my life.

Intentionality is all very well, as long as I know enough to not let it get in the way of life.

I dove a little deeper with this topic in a recent audio (it’s #5 of 5 if you want to go straight to this topic).

I’d be curious to know what your view is on this.

Do you think that having a purpose, or some intentionality as I’ve called it, is essential to having a wonderful life? Is it merely interesting, and diverting? Or could it actually inhibit us from having a wonderful life?

With love,



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