…and the impatience of rushing towards ‘the next thing’

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I lived for a long time with an occasional, low level, but recurring frustration that things don’t happen to the timescale I have created for them.

Yes, this timescale is a figment of my imagination, I see that, mostly. And, yes, there’s an arrogance-of course, in my presumption. But not an uncommon one I bet?

The quiet niggle that I need to do more, I need to press on, I need to go faster, that someone, or something else is wrong because they don’t seem to be working to my priorities.

It can sound righteous, like not doing is a laziness, rather than a reality check, and that more interference from me will somehow help the world turn on its axis.

I catch it quickly now, and laugh, remembering that “I” don’t set the timescale; that “I” can do what I can do and the rest takes as long as it takes; that it’s perfectly OK to do more if more suggests itself to do.

And that waiting well is the art from which life is made, as John Lennon said. Kinda anyway ;-)

With love,


What he actually said was “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

Originally published at https://cathypresland.com on October 28, 2020.

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