What if there was a guaranteed, no-fail, simple technique you could use anywhere, any time? Interested?

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When it comes to motivating others what are you really doing?

This question has come up a lot in the work-at-home weirdness of the last year.

Motivating myself and motivating others — how do I rally enthusiasm and outputs?

A recent online group I led was a great reminder about what’s really going on here. The group was there for a purpose (the purpose wasn’t to talk about motivation!), we had a task, an agenda and a flow.

What was interesting though, at the end of the session was that most of the people in the zoom room said they were feeling positive and much more inspired about the work they were doing and the projects they themselves were leading.

Interesting that, isn’t it?

Nothing to Do…

What if, motivating others required nothing more than a reminder that a group of thoughtful people in a room together would naturally fall back into remembering what was inspiring to them, what they wanted and were enthused to do, and ‘motivation’ is simply one of the words they use to describe how they feel.

If that’s the case, then there is nothing to do when it comes to motivation, other than to remind ourselves that it’s a default state when we remove a lot of the mental chatter-chatter that can become exacerbated when we spend a lot of time alone.

Now, I’m not saying that happens in all groups and all zoom rooms, because people can put a lot of barriers in the way, unintentionally and completely innocently, but it happens more often than you might think. And a ‘return to default’ is the easiest work of all-there literally is, nothing to do other than to cultivate a state of connection.

When you see that, suddenly work becomes a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable, and a lot more productive.

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Cathy Presland

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Originally published at https://cathypresland.com on March 19, 2021.

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