What would it be like to escape who you think you are?

Do You Have Preferences? Or Even a Personality Profile?

My dog took his ball out on the walk yesterday. He stood at the garden gate, chewed blue ball in mouth, a determined

I’ve got my ball and I’m bringing it with me,

look on his face.

We have lots of four-legged friends who are glued to their balls (one poodle pal in particular), others who insist on carrying the stick for miles (labradors usually!), but not our fella.

He’s the dog who will chase the dog chasing the ball because it’s a great game. The fun for him seems to be in showing off, preferably to a lady, and preferably with reciprocation.

Yesterday, for some reason though, the ball was coming with.

Freedom to Live; Freedom to be Who You Are

I don’t know what goes on in his head but my humanness interprets it as ‘he had an idea and he went with it’. No second thought, no self-judgement, no “I’m not that type of dog”. Just an idea and an action.

I love that he does what occurs to him, and it makes me see, more clearly, how much we humans can talk ourselves out of things.

I’m not the marrying kind.
I don’t like meetings.
I’m an introvert I should be enjoying lockdown.
I’m (not)…

We hold a lot of ideas about ourselves, and, innocently, we can allow the ideas of who we are to determine what we do.

What about the day we want to do something, “just because”? What about playfulness and creativity, agility and responsiveness?

Might be fun, and, I know from experience and evidence, that when we release more of ourselves into the world, we actually do better too.

With love,


Cathy Presland

Here to help with leadership and impact. I have lots of additional writing here, including regular leadership seminars. If you’d like to explore more deeply or join a conversation check those out or contact me directly if there’s something I can support you with.

Originally published at https://cathypresland.com on April 13, 2021.

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