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Connected, or divided? (Image courtesy of Pixabay)

Do We Divide?

As we grow ever closer to the deadline of 29th March, the news in the UK has been full of Brexit stories. We have a deadline that no-one seems prepared for. We have a parliament who seems to not to know whether they want to keep us in or out, and we have a Prime Minister who looks to be on the verge of resignation.

Who knows what will happen — it seems all up for grabs.

Probably the only thing that’s true is that we’re in the midst of uncertainty and speculation. And, for some people, that can equate to increased stress and anxiety, especially if you have people around you who want to know what’s coming next and how it will affect them, their jobs and their work.

Not Knowing is Stressful…

I know it looks as if the stress and anxiety is coming not knowing what’s coming next — and from all the possible downside scenarios we run through. (what if we can’t get loo paper being my favourite ;-) ).

What I see to be closer to the truth, is that the stress isn’t coming from the uncertainty itself; it’s coming from the oh-so-subtle, sub-conscious belief that we have to manage the uncertainty — that we have to be able to create and communicate some kind of stability and security to ourselves and to those around us; that we have to know what’s next so we can prepare for it, avoid it, or manage it.

…Or is It?

And this makes me curious because I see that there is an awareness that some of us have (or maybe that we all have at least some of the time?) that there is another way to be. A way to be resilient and confident about the future, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the seeming chaos and confusion created by Brexit (or whatever ‘thing’ you’re currently facing), regardless of how much we think we can control the outcome.

When we let go of our need to control we are so much better at taking action. If I stop moaning about the shortage of loo paper, I remember I’ve got a huge pile of newspaper from my recent move. When I stop worrying about whether my pet passport will still be valid and accept that it may be, or it may not be, then I can go ahead and book a ferry ticket for May.

When I remember that we created Brexit (heck, we created countries!), and that we can shift direction any time we want, then I’m less bothered by what looks real, and more likely to step in when I sense we’ve gone off-track.


When I see the world as not fixed; when I see it as my version of a virtual reality game, then I’m more likely to offer a hand of compassion to someone who’s tying him- or herself in knots bumping into the walls of their world, and less likely to blame the crackpot politicians who got us here.

Because what is the track? The track we all want to be on is the one that connects us as humans, that binds us together to look after people in need, to grow and achieve things that are greater than the sum of our individual selves, to respect and to love our fellow humans.

And, sometimes, we feel confused and bothered by the things that look real.

With love,


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